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How it Works

At Answer-4u we understand that before you sign up to an account you may want to give us a try first. We want you to have confidence that your business is in the very best hands before you commit.

For this reason, we have devised the following trial of our 24 hour call answering service so you can get a feel for how it all works.

This is a taster of our 777 service plan:

Please try the service at whatever time suits you. We’ll always be ready for your call...

The simple virtual assistant solution...

Our call answering service provides a team of professional virtual assistants that will answer all of your calls in your company name, take a detailed message on your behalf and immediately send you an email or text alert with full details.

Answer-4u live demo telephone answering services team

Try the Live Demo Now Let's indulge in a little role play if you will...

Call: 0800 822 3502

Please call Richard Branson of Branson Ltd on the number above (who unfortunately won't be around to take your call).

Leave your details with the Answer-4u receptionist and once the call is complete the message will be sent to the email address you leave as part of the message.

A moment or two after the call ends you will see the message arrive in your inbox.

Photo of Richard Branson

Once completed you will have experienced first-hand what it is like to call into our office on a 777 Service Account and also to be the client receiving your message.

It would be great if you could now give us your feedback of the service you have just experienced. Please call the Answer-4u team on 0808 250 3016 and if you're impressed (and we know you will be) then simply sign up to enjoy the UK's Premier Call Handling Service.