12 Blogs Every Small Business Owner Should Be Reading

We all know that the internet is an infinite source of information, one that’s always at our fingertips! Whether that information is useful or reliable though is a whole different matter…

12 Blogs Every Small Business Owner Should Be Reading

It inevitably takes time to trawl through this sea of information to find what’s actually relevant and helpful, and many businesses would rather spend that time elsewhere. To help you out, we’ve sourced the top blogs you need to be reading to help grow your business:


We’ve all heard sweeping, throw away terms like “work smarter not harder” being thrown around the office but what does this actually mean in relation to your day to day business activities?

Techniques that have been proven to increase productivity within the workplace can be surprisingly easy to implement and some of the most effective examples won’t incur any additional costs for your business. Check out our pick of some of the best free advice available from known industry experts…

1. James Clear BlogJames Clear Blog

James Clear offers a plethora of unique and interesting posts underlined by science and extensive research to help you master your habits and optimise your lifestyle – whether that’s at home or in the workplace.

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2. Michael Hyatt BlogMichael Hyatt Blog

“Win at work. Succeed in Life.” Is Michael Hyatt’s mantra and his blog will give you the techniques to succeed via daily videos as well as complementary written posts.

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3. Lindsay Kolowich Blog – HubspotLindsay Kolowich Blog

Lindsay Kolowich not only writes about marketing, she also posts great content around productivity in the workplace, often with infographics and helpful visuals.

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Recruitment Blogs

Staff recruitment is an inevitable process that will need to be addressed by all businesses owners looking to expand. Making the right choices at the recruitment stage will enable you to find the “right fit” for your requirement and help avoid potentially expensive mistakes.

Find out how to choose the right person for the job role, learn how structured training can improve productivity and how engaging new employees with your brand will motivate them to produce great results and stay loyal to your organisation for longer…

1. Recruiting BlogsRecruiting Blogs

A collection of unique and useful posts, helpfully ranked by popularity and written by experienced recruiters and specialists.

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2. Social Hire BlogSocial Hire Blog

Social Hire give essential advice and tips on recruiting the right people at the right time, offering multiple recruiting techniques to help you get it right first time.

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3. Matt Charney BlogMatt Charney Blog

Matt Charney gets straight to the point with his entertaining and insightful blog posts. So if you like no-nonsense strategies to recruit for your business this one’s for you!

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Digital Marketing

 Digital Marketing Blogs

Attracting new customers will always be at the forefront of your business strategy but with traditional marketing techniques being viewed as prohibitively expensive; many small business owners are increasing looking towards alternative methods to help achieve their growth targets.

A number of digital and social marketing techniques can be implemented for free and you really don’t need to be a marketing expert or have a massive budget at your disposal to get your business noticed. You can find some great, easy to follow guides along with valuable daily advice online via established industry experts and here’s our recommended picks to help get you started…

1. Jamie Turner’s 60 Second Marketer BlogJamie Turner Blog

Written by experienced Marketers, these easy to follow posts come with a handy summary of ‘What You’ll Learn’, how long it will take you to read and who the blog post is written for – so you don’t waste your valuable time reading irrelevant content.

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2. Econsultancy BlogEconsultancy Blog

Econsultancy are experts in the field of Digital Marketing. If you’re needing a dose of inspiration for great digital campaigns or just want the latest tips in Digital Marketing, you can find it on this blog.

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3. Search Engine JournalSearch Engine Journal Blog

Search Engine Journal offers a wealth of information on everything digital – from Social Media to Content Marketing – in multiple formats such as Podcasts, forums, webinars and guides.

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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Getting to grips with the basics of proven and ethical SEO techniques will help enhance the search engine ranking results for specific terms that matter within your business niche.

As a website owner it is essential to take on board advice from trusted sources as getting SEO wrong can lead to disastrous results for your online presence. You’ll certainly be on the right track with these guys…

1. Search Engine Land BlogSEO Land Blog

Everything you need to know about SEO – the latest, news, knowledge, tools and techniques.

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2. Moz BlogMoz Blog

This blog from Moz offers helpful tutorials and step by step videos, making it brilliant for any SEO first timers!

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3. Kissmetrics BlogKissmetric Blog

Kissmetric share their knowledge on analytics, marketing and testing, here’s just one of their excellent blog posts to guide you through the basics of SEO:

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