When is the Best Time to Recruit?

Recruiting and growing your employee base is an essential part of any successful business, large or small. However, determining if the current state of your company can be improved by new additions requires careful consideration.

Whether it’s for fresh ideas or more hands on deck, it’s vital that recruitment occurs when your business is ready for a change in personnel. Here’s a list of signs that signal it might be time to start looking for new people.

You can’t keep up with demand

If your business is attracting a steady flow of work, to the point that you’re struggling to keep on top of it, increasing your manpower might be the solution.

Before investing in recruitment though, remember to do a thorough assessment of the work you’re doing and whether it’s work that’s in line with your business model. If that checks out, start considering how a new member of the team might function to meet the demand and ease the workload.

Less important tasks are eating into your time

Even if you’re keeping on top of your workload, is your time being drained by the need to complete admin work, research or any other task that seems secondary on your list of priorities? Recruiting a role that keeps the smaller duties in check will free up time for you to invest in more promising work – work that is more directly correlated to your business’s growth.

Before you can come to this conclusion though, you need to know what constitutes as a ‘less important’ task. If you work in a creative agency for example, accounting could perhaps be outsourced. If you work in finance however, it’s likely to have a much higher level of importance.

Tasks are arising outside your skillset

Nobody’s perfect. There are some duties that you’re just not that good at (and that’s fine.) If work is cropping up that you know somebody could do better, perhaps it’s time to assess whether the work’s ROI is worth the additional salary of a hired expert.

Ask yourself whether investing in training an existing employee (or if you’re part of an SME, spending time teaching yourself) will be more financially viable than hiring. If the finances needed to teach a current member of the team exceed that of hiring an experienced candidate, then it’s time to recruit.

An untapped role shows promise

Being an expert in your industry, you’ll no doubt recognise it when a type of work, or a certain approach to work, shows prospects of growth. It’s important to frequently reflect on the impact your business has in its market to determine whether there’s untapped profit in a role you’ve not accounted for.

Not so long ago, countless businesses were seeing the potential in social media. A role with the latent capacity to grow your business – like social media managers back in 2009 – are an invaluable opportunity to expand. Be astute with your industry and recognise burgeoning techniques that are making an impact.

If you’re seeing these signs, it could be that recruiting is now necessary to continue the growth of your business.

Don’t let the recruitment process become too time-consuming! Here’s our interactive infographic that’ll make sure you’re a smart recruiter.

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