6 Simple Steps For A Calm Office Environment

A delightfully composed office can be a valuable asset when enrolling and sustaining employee retention. The work environments of today may contain trendy décor, glass walls and community spaces with Perspex dividers containing lavish LED lighting, giving an outward impression of class, style and professionalism – but what’s all that if internal noise pollution is a concern? After all, nobody enjoys the sound of constant phone ringing…

Studies show that noise is a common factor when measuring the effects of distraction in the working environment. Coupled with a lack of light, these two primary flaws in any business will render your employees half as efficient as they would be in optimal conditions.

Is it conceivable to have an exquisite, open office and sustain adequate light, peace and calm?

There are many ways that organisations can diminish undesirable commotion in the office. Check out these handy tips:

1. Make dedicated, quiet spaces similar to flying first class

Companies can utilise a vacant office or unused meeting room by transforming it into a “Calm Room” that staff can visit when attempting to concentrate on a crucial project, venture or remedy of a technical hitch. Spaces like this are said to improve concentration, state of mind and also morale.

2. Provide noisy spaces too!

Yes, designated ‘noisy’ areas can be strategically implemented to offer employees a place where they can vent, shout, or have a heated discussion over the telephone. Again, this boosts productivity and a sense of freedom within the work environment. Being stranded at a desk with nowhere to go can feel a little overwhelming at times…

3. Phone tones are annoying

Especially when someone is away from their desk and an endless high pitched shrill echoes through the office from that one caller who just doesn’t give up! Sigh…

Another common pain point in businesses is that of sales calls. We all get them. But we don’t have to receive them directly. To cut half of the phone tones and pushy salesmen out of your working life, it’s certainly a good idea to hire a telephone answering service provider, especially if you are a smaller to medium business enterprise.

4. Invest in sound dampening materials for the walls and floor

This innovative solution will make your working area incredibly relaxed, without compromising on style. The cushioning is professionally fitted behind the structures of the office, effectively absorbing high pitched sounds which are consequently nullified.

5. Clear out the clutter

Maximise your ‘chi’ and allow more empty space for your staff. It works pretty much the same way as it does at home. If you use that as a guideline, it’s easy to create a non-cluttered environment at work too. A cluttered space means a cluttered mind – not the ideal scenario for your staff.

6. Sunlight makes us grow

Reposition desks and seating positions directionally so that the most is gained from sunlight without dazzling your employees, especially if they are on computers all day. Natural light has a substantially positive effect on the human brain, producing serotonin and dopamine.

With these 6 tips in mind, your business environment should become your haven. Reduce the noise and stress, increase productivity and sense of calm.

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