5 Productivity Tips That Don’t Require a Change of Personality

In this article I will explain how you can very easily become successful and why you shouldn’t focus on changing your personality traits; in fact, you should aim to reinforce them.

Steve of some trades

Jack of all trades, master of none? Finger in all the pies but never grabbing the whole thing? Trying to do everything but ending up doing nothing? We’ve all been there. It’s a proven fact that in the business world, the most successful entrepreneurs are those who put their sole focus into one task and eliminate other distractions, however good these other distractions may be.


Perhaps one of the best examples of being far more selective in your company goals can be attributed to the late Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. Aiming to progress far in one sphere rather than a small amount in many spheres was his mantra for success and who are we to argue he wasn’t right?

Before Jobs returned to the company in spectacular fashion in 1997, Apple were set on releasing as many products as possible and, at their peak, had around 330 different items on sale; a mentality that almost took the company down. After reducing the product line to just 10 ‘insanely great products’ Jobs catapulted Apple into a new realm of success.

Although the previous example was that of huge scale decision making within a massive company, it is a principle that even SME’s and their staff can adhere to. Below are 5 tips to cut the wheat from the chaff, reduce time wastage and increase productivity:

1. Be creatively brave, but selectively stringent

Let your ideas flow, however crazy they may seem. The best ideas are always initially laughed at or deemed ridiculous by someone who just doesn’t get it. Be free with your ideas and brainstorming sessions but when it comes to the crunch make sure you only run with the ideas which are a knockout, 10/10 and ‘insanely great’.

2. Don’t be afraid to say no

If a senior colleague comes at you with an idea that you strongly believe is incorrect or doomed for failure then don’t be afraid to tell them that. When a relationship becomes set in the way just described, then creativity is killed and businesses fail. No idea or belief should be untouchable or go unchallenged. Question everything.

3. Take time to think, assess and set goals

When you don’t take a step back from your job to assess exactly where your career is headed and how far you are from hitting your personal goals then you will always be responding to the latest email or being dragged from pillar to post. Let someone else answer your calls, restrict yourself to opening emails at set points in the day and ‘always come back to your purpose’ if you want to make any real headway.

4. You can’t please everyone, and it doesn’t matter

Would you sacrifice an ounce of popularity in the moment for a wealth of respect in the long run? Not everyone is going to like the way you work or the ideas you suggest but if you believe they are the best thing to take your company forward then they will sure as hell respect you when the rewards begin to show.

5. Embrace difference and accentuate who you are

Again, don’t look to make everything work. Deliberately get rid of anything that doesn’t seem right to YOU. If you want a career that will eventually satisfy your needs then you must keep chipping away at the stuff you don’t agree with.

Everyone works differently because everyone is different; find the best way that works for you. Productivity or success does not have to come at the expense of your personality.

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