5 Sizzling Business Marketing Tips for Summer

Sometimes the weather can take our attention away from the all important overarching strategies of business – don’t let that be you…

5 Sizzling Business Marketing Tips for Summer

Welcome to the elusive months in the UK where the sun has a VIP invite to the party but keeps disappearing behind those cloud guys who always spill their drinks on everyone. Yes, summer is ‘here’. But regardless of its vacillating attendance, we all enjoy it anyway. For small businesses, it’s a smart move to redirect your efforts in relation to the summer mentality. Here are 5 great tips to getting the most out of the summer months.

Capture the Warmth

Share images with summer vibes

It’s holiday season and we’re all eager to preserve our summer memories in photo form to be lumped on Facebook and looked at wryly come November. For these warmer months, every day out is a photo opportunity. Spearhead the trend and share your sun-bleached photos featuring a facet of your business. Whether it’s your team sunbathing during the interval of clouds outside the office or participating in your audience’s favourite outdoor activity, be sure to capture it in a photo and stick it online. You’ll appeal to people’s summer excitement while piggybacking off the share-ability of images on social media, which jumps 22% compared to winter.

Be Meticulous with Mobile

Get your mobile site up to scratch

Your website should already be mobile responsive, but summer is when the fruit of the mobile-responsive-design labour really become…ripe. The average consumer’s excuses to stay inside hunched over their computer are at their sparsest in the summer months, and when they do step outside for their dose of Vitamin D, it’s their mobile that acts as the conduit to the online world. Ensure your mobile site is up to scratch and if you have an app, consider push notifications that are addressing the summer lovers.

Holiday Happenings

Anticipate and address the disruption of the holidays

Holiday Business Disruptions

The summer is a time of disruption. Kids are running wild, students are looking for jobs to pay for the libations of the next academic year and parents want to run away. Capitalising on this disruption is a great opportunity to increase sales or traffic, but it’s important to do it astutely. The first thing to address is the fact that people are seeking more free time in the summer, so if you deal directly with customers, you want to increase your content to fill in the freed up space in your audience’s attention. To capture the holidaymakers, adjust your copy and promotions to appeal to travel, be it abroad or local. If younger people are in your target demographic, marketing that serves to entertain and occupy them during their restless and unstructured summer holiday will work. The key here is to recognise pain points of the summer disruption and to provide relief.

Business Promotion Tips

Go forth and Notify

Push your message at summer events

We know that people flock to the great outdoors in the summer, which in turn leads to a whole host of festivals and events being arranged to foster these flocks.
Festivals huh? Events you say? Don’t loads of people gather there? What if my target audience attends one of those? Am I invited? Will there be ice cubes?

Get out there and notify the crowds! Promote your existence, your values, and your campaigns. The weather has done you a solid and provided numerous events for great exposure, seize it.

Summer Siesta

Take a break!

There’s lots of work to be done this season, so keep your life all zen (summer buzzword exhibit A) and give yourself some time to relax, enjoy, reflect and play. There are countless studies to show the benefits of spending time outside, under the sun and simply away from work. Plato didn’t say ‘work hard, play hard’, but he would have done if he wasn’t already so chilled out.

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