5 Ways Your Business Can Contribute to the Community

You’d think it would go without saying, but many business owners fail to understand the immense benefits to be gained from helping the local community. From improving the quality of life of local residents and building relationships in the area to making your home city a more financially affluent place, helping the community is vital.

That’s why we’ve collated the following 5 ideas that you can implement at your business to help out the community and reap the benefits from it. Take a look:

1. Donate to Charities

The most straightforward way of helping out your local community as a business owner is through charity work. Whether it’s a simple donation or a more creative initiative for raising funds, giving to a charity is a great way to get your name out there for a good cause.

If you haven’t got the time or enough willing staff to organise a fun run or similar event, you can always simply sponsor people who are your clients for example. Alternatively, have a ‘dress down’ or ‘fancy dress’ day at work where staff can wear whatever crazy costumes that they desire for a small charitable donation. This is also a great way to the boost the morale of your own employees.

Festive holidays are always a nice time to give to charity and it’s also when a lot of hospitals are busy and incredibly welcoming of donations. We at Answer-4u regularly donate Easter eggs to our local hospital and the kids love it!

Thinking of trying to get some press coverage of your charity donation? Consider what creative take you can have on games, raffles or quizzes that local press will want to run a story about.

Perhaps you can get in touch with other local businesses and have some friendly competitions to raise the cash. Again, you are building relationships and raising the chances of press covering the event whilst simultaneously offering advertisers a chance to sponsor it too.

It’s good to bear in mind that pretty much everything done for charity can be tax deductible.

2. Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

As your company grows it’s vitally important to do your bit for the planet. Both large and small business workplaces can be highly energy-consuming places where making just the slightest adjustment to your working day will make a huge difference.

Answer-4u are the first UK based contact centre to be completely solar powered but there are many other ways you can improve the efficiency of your business.

Consider automated lights that are set to off by default, Air Source Heat Pumps instead of regular gas heating systems or insulting the roof of your property to reduce heat loss.

Going green not only helps the planet and community alike, it also improves your brand image and in some cases you may qualify for rewards from the government.

3. Give Away your Products or Services

Does your business offer a product or service that you could offer to someone in need in your community? For example, if you are an ecommerce retailer you could consider donating some clothes to a local shelter. Do you stock goods for household pets? Why not give something away to the local vet.

If you have a service to offer then why not offer a free trial to the local startups in your community? The respect that you will gain from the owners of these companies and relationships you build will be brilliant for future networking ideas.

4. Training or Apprenticeship Schemes

What can your business offer training in that will help the local area? It doesn’t even have to be outside of your business. Simply offering training or an apprenticeship scheme to your own staff, for example can have great rewards.

Young people in your area will notice that you are offering them a chance to learn a trade or certain skills and local people will acknowledge what you are offering the community.

5. Make your community look pretty!

Whilst it might be tricky to add a natural touch to your office space when you’re located in the middle of a city centre, you don’t actually need a huge plot of land with blossoming gardens to spruce up the community.

If you’re struggling for space, then even adding a few office plants can help raise the moral of your staff and give direct health benefits too. Office plants can reduce harmful chemicals and dirt that can be found in most UK offices.

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