Ofcom Introduce New Regulation Governing Call Charges 2015

From 1st July 2015, Ofcom will be introducing significant new regulation governing the way calls are charged to consumers via certain non-geographic number ranges…

Ofcom Introduce New Regulation Governing Call Charges 2015

What are Non-geographic phone numbers?

Non-geographic phone numbers are those which are not linked to a specific location such as 01 and 02 lines. The new regulations are being introduced in a bid to make charges for Non-Geographic Call Services (NGCS) more transparent, as Ofcom have concluded that a large proportion of consumers are unsure of the costs involved when dialing these numbers.

These changes can be seen in more detail via this link: UK Calling Website

084 and 087 Numbers:

Should you use any 08 number you need to be aware of what changes will take place from 1st July 2015. If you advertise 084 or 087 numbers it is now imperative that you ensure the costs to dial these numbers are clearly labelled on any advertising, this includes your website or any communiqué between your business and your customers.

The costs to dial these numbers are also changing, previously 0845, 0844, 0871 and 0870 all had various charging structures but from 1st July callers will be charged the following to dial these lines:

084 Numbers:

7p per minute plus the *phone company access charge

087 Numbers:

13p per minute plus the *phone company access charge

Phone Company Access Charge

*phone company access charge:

What the callers’ phone company will charge the consumer in addition to the fee charged by you non-geographic number provider.

When advertising one of these numbers you must use the following wording, please ensure you add the appropriate charge:

“Calls cost Xp per minute plus your phone company’s access charge”

If you currently use 084 or 087 numbers provided by Answer-4u you may wish to contact your account manager about an alternative number that would be cheaper for your clients to call. We can provide 01/02 or 03 numbers which are all charged the same as calling any UK Landline number and are not affected by the recent Ofcom regulation changes.

If Answer-4u telephone answering services have provided you with a 084 or 087 number then at the moment our charges to you will not increase and we will continue to charge the same rates, your customers will however be charged more to dial these numbers which is why it is important that you advertise the increased cost.

Calls to 0800 or 0808 Numbers:

080 Numbers are Freephone numbers meaning calls from UK landlines are free of charge although charges did apply from mobiles. The recent Ofcom ruling now means that from 1st July 0800 and 0808 numbers will be free to call from both UK landlines and mobiles.

The changes above do have an impact on the costs to supply you with 080 numbers as there is now a requirement to reimburse the mobile networks for allowing their consumers to dial for free. We will absorb these charges initially but may need to increase our charges for supplying Freephone numbers in future.

Should you be invoiced separately for your 0800/0808 number usage from Answer-4u you will see a small increase in the usage costs for all calls from mobiles, this will be an additional 3.5p per minute; charges from all other lines will remain the same. The price increase will come into effect from your August 2015 invoice.

Should you have any questions about the recent Ofcom regulation changes please contact your account manager who will try and answer any questions you may have, alternatively you can contact Ofcom directly by visiting their website: Click Here

Disclaimer: The information contained above has been provided in good faith and is accurate to the best of our knowledge, it is not intended as a definitive guide to Ofcom regulations and if you have any questions about the new regulations you should seek qualified professional advice. Answer-4u cannot be held responsible for losses sustained directly or consequently as a result of acting on this information.

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