The Answer-4u Green Commitment to Doing Business Differently

As a telecoms and technology-based business, potentially consuming a lot of energy resources, we have an acute understanding of our responsibility to the planet.

As such, Answer-4u’s approach to renewable energy is completely holistic. Not only are we the first UK contact centre to be solar powered, thanks to our investment in photovoltaic (PV) panel technology but we have also embraced the green agenda in a number of other ways…

Our Green Commitment Initiatives Explained…


Our new PV panels took just one week to install, and mean Answer-4u will be able to raise vital cash, as the company is selling energy back to the grid, bringing in around £170,000 over 21 years. This will then be reinvested back into the business.

Automated Lights…


We have installed automated lights in all the common areas which default to “off” and in addition have replaced all fluorescent lighting with LED units reducing electricity usage on lighting by 60 per cent.

Air Source Heat Pumps…

We have removed our old and inefficient gas heating system and replacing it with air source heat pump technology, which is more efficient and controllable and does not produce any waste gases.

Celotex Sheets…


We have replaced our entire roof and covering and insulating it with 150mm Celotex sheets to reduce heat losses in line with current building regulations.

Double Glazed Units…


We have replaced all 80 of our old single glazed windows with new double glazed units thereby reducing our heating load.

It Doesn’t Stop There…

Even our toilet blocks have had their old inefficient extractor fans replaced with heat exchange units that refresh the air three times per hour and recover the heat before extraction.

To reduce the overall energy load we have recycled 85 of our workstations so far and replaced them with Thin Client units and will continue this process until all workstation have been upgraded. This reduces the power consumption per workstation by approx 80watts. In total it represents a saving of approximately 6.8 kilowatts per hour – 24 hours a day.

These reductions mean we can power all of our office during daylight hours purely from the sun.

The savings we make on our energy use and the return we get on surplus energy sold back to the grid is also great news for our customers, as it means that we can spend money on growing our business, meaning a better, more efficient telephone answering service for you.

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