Answer-4u’s Quality Service Continues to Ring True

Answer-4u are enjoying an exciting period of growth and rejuvenation.

From our inception in 2004 to date we’ve worked tirelessly to fulfil our goal of providing a telephone answering service that businesses proudly align with. It’s been over a decade since Answer-4u was established and in that time we’ve not only maintained a fantastic service that consistently garners positive responses, but continued to grow at a phenomenal rate.

Answer-4U Staff

September 2015 was a milestone on the back of two outstanding years as we achieved the highest number of weekly and daily calls answered on our client’s behalf since lines first opened. We’re extremely proud of our hard-working colleagues for this success – this is testament to the reputation we’ve cultivated as the UK’s leading telephone answering service and confirmation of the level of quality and principles that we’re founded on.

The last two years have been a time of rapid development, in the last two months alone we’ve seen one of our departments increase 29% in people power, allowing us to expand our service and provide the quality of telephone answering we’re known for to even more businesses.

A great place to work

We’re committed to providing a first class service to businesses around the UK and thrive on meeting new and interesting people. However, it’s naïve to think unbridled growth is sustainable without improving company infrastructure.

A well-equipped and satisfied work force with cutting-edge facilities is our way of strengthening our core. That’s why we’ve invested in a complete refurbishment of our call centre.

Great Working Environment

Our colourful new workstations feature state-of-the-art soundproofing technology that prove ergonomic and facilitate a much more clarified phone conversation – no distracting background noise! Chosen for their inspiring, open and modern design, we’re eager to get to work in a comfortable new environment.

New training area

With our team’s rapid expansion, we are confident of providing the best training available to our new recruits, and to facilitate this we have just completed a brand new purpose built training area. We’ve installed new state of the art IT systems throughout the new centre to guide and advise trainees so they can achieve the level of excellence Answer-4u is known for.

Ongoing training and support is essential for high performance and exacting standards and our new facility will ensure these virtues continue to be at the heart of our company.

Workplace Training

Cutting-edge technology

Our industry demands the very best in technological advancements to ensure we continue to provide the most effective telephony solutions nationwide.

To uphold this, we’ve conducted a total overhaul of our network infrastructure, rewiring and updating our systems to remain ahead of the curve with the most modern technology. This is the latest stage of IT infrastructure development and its design ensures our system remains robust and dependable.

Phone Answering Service Technology

By combining these new developments with our current UPS and onsite generator, we and our clients can rest assured that whatever happens to our essential services we’re always able to handle our client’s vital communications 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Fulfiling our green responsibility

Solar Panels

A company with the energy to strive for ever higher standards recognises that its energy supply has to be economic and sustainable. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and have invested heavily in low power computer systems and thin client technologies to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Leading by example we are the first UK contact centre to be solar powered. We’re extremely proud of our investment in green energy and believe that green energy should be the staple of any successful and growing business.

We have invested in reducing energy consumption alongside solar generation by embracing clean energy initiatives such as automated and LED lighting, enhanced building insulation amongst many other initiatives has enabled us to power 75% of our data and telecoms with green energy.

How’s that for innovation!

We are a modern hard working successful business and communication is our forte (seriously, we have a lot of phones) and we know it’s important to keep you up to date with our achievements, values and goals. Our services operate 24/7 and we’re sharing the latest industry news and ideas every week on our blog, so drop us a line!

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