Modern technological advances have made starting a new business a piece of cake

Ok, so perhaps starting a new business isn’t quite as easy as the headline would suggest but it’s certainly getting easier and the effective use of off-the-shelf business technology and the emergence of Virtual Services is one of the main reasons for this. Following a few, easily achievable steps will get your business started in no time at all and you won’t need a whole team of new staff to accomplish your goals!


Robust Technology Infrastructure – Help Is At Hand!

Whether its software or hardware, it goes without saying that the use of tried, tested and trusted technology is key for all new business start-ups looking to grow within their niche.

For those without a strong technology background the first question to come to mind could be where do I start?

Depending on the type of your business, the IT requirements will differ but if you do need some advice and support to get your business started you can do this quickly without having to employ your own IT professionals. There are a number of IT companies only a phone call away, offering you a pay as you go service with online support and even visits to your office where necessary.

Your Online Presence is a Shop Window to the World

In most cases, your company website will be the first time your customers experience you and your business and ultimately help them decide whether they are going to make an enquiry or place an order with you. It is therefore extremely important that you get this element of your business right.

A number of options are available when considering the build of your new company website and they all come with pros, cons and variable cost implications. Depending on your business needs you may decide to make use of one of the many off-the-shelf website designs that are available and re-brand it with your own company identity. Although this may be a cheaper short-term solution, they do tend to be quite generic in terms of design and lack many features that you would hope your website to have.

At the other end of the spectrum would be a fully bespoke website created by a reputable design agency. This could prove to be an extremely expensive and time consuming option but would be worth considering if enough budget is available.

Initially it may be worth getting something built quickly and relatively cheaply but having the flexibility to be able to add new features in a modular fashion at a later date when budget and time is available and more importantly, when there is a business need.

Marketing Technology Will Get Your Business Noticed

When it comes to using marketing to get the business out in front of your buying public, technology will always play an integral part. In order to raise awareness of your business, there are many different forms of online and offline advertising to consider. Depending on your market, you will also need to decide whether to advertise locally, nationally or even internationally. Whatever you decide, your first step should always be the creation of an affordable and highly researched marketing plan for the year ahead. This will help you keep spending within budget and plan effectively for the year ahead.

Social Media – It’s Free, So Use It!

Comscore who specialise in measuring the engagement of the digital world have reported that Social Media alone reaches 82% of a global audience aged 15 and above which represents 1.2 billion users. These services are predominantly free to use so it would therefore make perfect sense for any business to try and tap into this ready-made global market. Used correctly, social media could soon have people all over the world talking about your business brand.

You Can’t Do Everything Yourself – It’s Time To Outsource!

So the business is on the brink of success with new enquiries coming in thanks to your new website and successful marketing campaigns, all you need to do now is ensure that these enquiries are converted into sales, right?

The last thing you want is for new sales enquiries to go to voicemail or having to ask existing customers to email you as you can’t get to the phone but what other options do you have as a small newly formed operation with minimal staff?

Before you start cutting into your own earnings and ‘panic buy’ employing a new salesperson, you may want to consider alternative options and this is where the use of a virtual assistant may be able to help once again.

Every new enquiry needs to be captivated by your amazing sales pitch but more importantly, in order to build a good long-term reputation for your business your customers need to be kept happy throughout the entirety of the sales cycle. Great customer service is the key to this and the use of outsourced professionals could be the answer.

Telephone Answering Service providers that offer professional Media Response Packages can turn your hard earned sales enquiries into bone-fide orders without you having to employ additional staff to answer the phone. The added advantage of this type of service is you can turn it on and off as you require or your marketing activity dictates.

In Conclusion

So there you have it, you really don’t need to fear turning what may initially feel like a new business pipe dream into a money making reality. The use of available technology and selected virtual PA services can help you on your way.

It all starts with a phone call!

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