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River Canal Resue

We pride ourselves on the amazing customer service we provide. So, when it came to outsourcing our telephone answering requirements it was vital we found a like-minded partner who could provide 24/7 support and match our customer service expectations.

We offer our members marine breakdown and recovery assistance across all inland navigable rivers and canals in the UK, so getting our customer service right first time and every time is hugely important to us.

We operate around the clock, every single day of the year and our highly trained staff are on hand to assess issues and resolve our members’ problems quickly and effectively.

It all means our requirements are perhaps a little more involved and complex than other customer service jobs.

Answer4u expertly provided everything we demanded of them and, in short, have been brilliant for us.

Helping people to deal with marine breakdowns and recoveries is a specialist job, and the knowledge and expertise needed can’t be acquired overnight – something our Answer4u account manager understood from day one. They helped us to develop a triage system which ensures diagnoses are delivered swiftly and efficiently to our members, while being flexible enough to match our changing requirements.

Ensuring a provider could integrate with our existing CRM system was another big box to tick, and Answer4u’s tech experts made sure our team were able to monitor out of hours and overflow calls in real time.

We have a call-out process in place, too. It means the correct member of staff can be alerted should emergencies arise at night without unnecessary calls having to be made.

Being able to call on the Answer4u team during peak hours and having them on board covering our business needs when we are closed has been fantastic. They really were put to the test when we had to use them as part of our recovery plan following a fire at our offices.

If you’re looking for telephone support, speak to Answer4u – we thoroughly recommend them.

We are a property rental company and are very proud of our brand and what we do. We want our customers to have a great experience every time they contact us, but as a busy team we were not always able to respond as quickly as we would have liked, especially out of hours.

That’s why our partnership with Answer4u has been so invaluable. Our tenants know they will get to speak to a human being who cares about their call, while we know that calls we may have missed previously during busy times are now being expertly handled.

Answer4u worked with us to set up an overflow call system and their team seamlessly takes over our calls when we can’t answer the phone such as during meetings and when we are closed – including on bank holidays and at Christmas.

All the details we need from each call are quickly passed on to us. They can range from a new tenant enquiry to an emergency relating to one of our properties, and when emergencies do arise the Answer4u team promptly get in touch to alert us, so we can respond quickly and professionally.

Whatever the nature of each call might be, Answer4u ensures we get everything we need to follow up. We also receive daily call reports, allowing us to provide the great customer service we pride ourselves on.

Answer4u shares our exceptionally high customer service values and the team there have been instrumental in ensuring our customers have a great experience with us every time they get in touch.

Joseph Martin – Managing Director

Apple Loans

Just 48 hours after contacting Answer4u our calls were being answered quickly and efficiently.

It gave us such confidence in our customer service that we were able to ramp up our marketing activities, and there is no doubt that working with them has helped us grow our business.

I wouldn’t trust anyone else with our phone calls, and working with them has been key to our ongoing success.

As a busy credit broker, every single call we receive is potentially extremely valuable to us but because we were so busy, calls were being missed and customers often don’t leave voicemail messages.

Our marketing strategies were clearly working – we just didn’t have the resources to deal with all the enquiries we were generating. It was affecting our return on investment, so we contacted Answer4u.

They made it very easy to make an informed choice, and just 48 hours later they were providing our customers with a professional and friendly, 24/7 service.

It’s how they have adapted and grown with us as a business which has been so impressive. They use a unique scripting method to make sure all the information we need is captured by their call handlers, and initially we used them just as an extension of our reception.

Over time, our Answer4u account manager worked with us to develop the scripts and their call handlers can now prequalify callers for us, allowing us to prioritise calling back hot leads.

Answer4u are so flexible, a value which has been really important to us as a business. They’ve provided numerous telephone numbers for our advertising requirements, so we can track and monitor the success of our advertising campaigns alongside providing bespoke scripts and services to our customers.

We first started working with Answer4u in 2011. Knowing we have more than a hundred of their agents on hand has been a huge factor in us building the business.

They are always quick to resolve any issues and have never let us down – they come highly recommended.

Nick Sutton – Owner | Director


As a leading cash property buying company, it’s essential we offer round the clock service to our customers. Having tried and been disappointed with other outsourced call answering businesses before, we were at first a little hesitant to try again. From the very beginning, Answer4u provided the confidence that not only would they match our expectations, but also consistently deliver a level of customer service our business could be proud of.

We've now been with Answer4u for over 10 years and needless to say, have never looked back with disappointment. The service they provide has proven to be invaluable to our business, and when it comes to telephone answering we couldn’t be happier.

We can confidently advertise a 24-hour phone line on our website safe in the knowledge that our customers will never experience the frustration of hitting a voicemail and will always get to speak to a professional call handling receptionist no matter what time, day, or night they decide to call in.

What’s more, any specific requirements discussed with our dedicated account manager in terms of script changes or variations in the data we want to collect from our customers are always implemented very quickly indeed.

All in all, if you are looking to outsource your telephone answering look no further than Answer4u.

David Sessford - Director


My business has used other outsourced call centres in the past and, unfortunately, have found them extremely limited in what processes they could implement and not at all flexible. Answer4u has always been the exact opposite of this.

When asked to review or amend any aspect of their telephone answering process, our dedicated account manager will look to deal with our request almost immediately. His proactive approach will often lead to an alternative process suggestion for us to consider. We also find the wider team extremely helpful and generally great people to collaborate with.

As well as in-house refresher training, we are also encouraged to conduct additional knowledge-based training where required or when new products are launched. This helps staff to feel very confident in advising customers or taking orders over the phone.

I have no issues with the costs of the service, it's very transparent and has proven to be the most cost-effective solution compared to in-house recruitment. Our phone calls are nearly always picked up within three rings or less, something I have personally checked many times.

Answer4u has a very experienced team of over 100 call answering operators at its disposal. Many are long-standing staff members with many years of service. I believe this is a testament to the quality of the management team at Answer4u and the internal business ethos they have chosen to adopt.

They have proven to be a reliable and effective extension of our business. Acting as our front-of-house voice for many years, we receive many positive reviews regarding their overall performance.

My experience of partnering with Answer4u has been nothing but positive. I, therefore, have no hesitation in recommending any business to give them a try.

Andrew Redknap
Director at Wet and Forget Limited

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