What Are Cookies?

Cookies allow us to do a variety of things to help enhance and improve your browsing experience on our website. If you wish for cookies to be turned off, please adjust your browsers settings. Our website will continue to function as normal without the use of cookies.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies to track visitors to our website, the details gathered are in no way specific or identifiable, and the data gathered will never be shared. Our cookies are in use for the sole purpose of improving performance of our website for you and future users. This allows is to help tailor our website to each individual making sure the content is as relevant as possible.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows us to gather a variety of data and useful metrics, such as (but not limited to) page views, source / medium, time spent on pages. This information cannot be tracked to any individual as it has been encrypted and only displayed as a depersonalised number, this ensures your privacy is taken extremely seriously at all times.

We use this data to gain insight into which content is performing well, and which is performing less well, helping to ensure we provide useful and engaging material in the future.

We also use Google Analytics Remarketing cookies to display adverts on third party websites to our past users, based on their previous visits. All data collected will only be used in accordance with our own privacy policy and Google’s privacy policy.

Google Analytics Advertiser

We also use Google Analytics Advertiser Features, this again helps us to understand site visitors, via anonymous data. This includes receiving data from:

  • Google Display Network Impression Reports
  • DoubleClick Platforms
  • Google Analytics Demographics and Interests Reports
  • Remarketing with Google Analytics

This information is collected through Google’s advertising cookies and anonymous identifiers, the data collected through this medium will allow us to better improve the website overall and offer a better experience.

Google Adwords

We use Google AdWords to see how pages perform and how users interact with each page, ensuring our marketing budget is better optimised, no sensitive or identifiable material is gathered in this method either.

Call Tracking

We use call tracking software in order to set a dynamic phone number on our website. These numbers are used to help us identify how you found the website, and through what mediums. We do not store or save these numbers, and as such these will not be identifiable to any individual.

Further to this we do not use this software to store, save or gain access to any personal information or contact information and we will not trade or sell your data to any third party, unless required to do so by law.

Privacy Policy

Each visitor to our webpage will not have any information stored on our webserver regarding email address or domain. If you provide us with an email or phone number then you will only receive contact based upon either joining our service, or content subscriptions of which you had signed up for.

Personal Identification & Information

We may collect personal identification information from users in a variety of ways, for example newsletter subscriptions, contact forms or calling us directly. Users may, when required, be asked to provide additional information, such as names.

However, these are all completely optional and each user has the right to view and browse our site with complete anonymity. We only collect data from users who voluntarily submit such information.

We will not disclose any information you provide us with any third parties, or any external agencies except when required to do so by law, or with prior consent.

How Can I Avoid Cookies?

Most browsers allow you to completely disable the use of cookies through the Settings section of the browser’s Options menu. Here are some links to help guide you through understanding cookies, their use, why they are so important to the Internet, and how you can better control them.