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Answer4u Virtual Receptionist Services

With Answer4u's Virtual Receptionist Service a professional receptionist will answer all business calls in your company name, and then gathers the caller information that matters to you:

  • Their name
  • Their company name
  • Their contact number
  • A brief reason for their call

This information is immediately stored in your online client portal for you to access at any time but can also be sent to a specified email address or sent by text message if preferred.

This ensures your customers are always answered by a friendly voice rather than going to voicemail.

How The Virtual Receptionist Service Works

Why Choose Our Virtual Receptionist Service?

Why Choose The Virtual Receptionist Service?

Provides a cost effective, first class front of house function for all your callers

Improved efficiency from knowledgeable, experienced call handlers

Happier customers through personalised responsive service

Save additional time through effective call filtering, allowing you to prioritise customer call-backs

Can be live within a matter of minutes

How Much Does The Virtual Receptionist Service Cost?

Our Virtual Receptionist Service requires very little financial commitment upfront so it’s perfect for your cash flow.
Putting it simply, this service is the ideal solution for small business owners who just want a fast setup.
There’s no contractual obligation and you receive on-going support from a dedicated account manager.

  • Only £1.30p per call
  • £14.50 monthly subscription
  • All messages delivered to your online client portal in real-time free of charge
  • Email Messages – £0.08p per message, SMS Messages - £0.15p per receiving number
  • We’ll answer your calls quickly and efficiently
  • No long-term contracts

Virtual Receptionist Service Call Bundles

With Answer4u’s Virtual Receptionist Service calls are even cheaper with our ever popular call bundles. All messages delivered via SMS / Email are completely FREE and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’ll pay each month for your anticipated call volumes. As an added bonus, we’ll also give you the flexibility to vary your bundle once per billing cycle to make sure your service always remains cost effective.

Call Bundle Included calls per month Monthly charge Email / SMS Message Delivery Saving up to* Excess Calls (Outside of Bundle)
Receptionist 25 25 £44.25 FREE £8.50 £1.80
Receptionist 50 50 £76.00 FREE £15.00 £1.60
Receptionist 75 75 £106.50 FREE £22.75 £1.50
Receptionist 100 100 £140.00 FREE £27.50 £1.40
Receptionist 200 200 £254.00 FREE £66.50 £1.30

*Based on equivalent number of calls answered if not signed up for a bundle and receiving a text and email message alert

Is the Answer4u Virtual Receptionist Service
the right choice for you?
Take a look below or call us on 0800 822 3344 to ask our team.

Peace Of Mind With A Free Trial Period

So you can get a true reflection of the cost effectiveness and efficiency of our Virtual Receptionist Service we offer a free trial period of up to 30 days.

If you would like to sign up the process is extremely simple and quick just call our team on 0800 822 3344 to get started. For more information and full terms and conditions of our free trial please visit our free trial terms and conditions.

Flexi Virtual Assistant Service

  • Completely customised call handling
  • Tailored to your business requirements
  • Mirrors exact process of in-house staff
  • Optional call forwarding capability
  • 30 day FREE Trial available
  • Outstanding customer care and service

Virtual PA Diary Management Service

  • Your diary managed professionally
  • Preferred diary management integration
  • Relevant information captured accurately
  • Your own dedicated account manager
  • Bespoke scripting process
  • Unlimited call types & questions

Don’t forget, you can tailor our services for a comprehensive bespoke call handling service solution.

Providing the best Virtual Reception Service

We know many callers prefer to speak to a friendly, professional person who can answer their immediate queries, resolve their concerns and take a message.

Answer4u’s team of trained telephonists are there to provide your company with the experienced, professional and informed service they need.

And while your customers are being taken care of, you can focus on making your business grow without worrying about missed calls.

Quick set up and live in minutes

  • Extremely quick to be set
  • Live within a matter of minutes
  • Your diverted number sent to you
  • Immediate notifications & updates
  • Complete access to client portal
  • Perfect for start-up businesses

Peace of mind and free to trial

  • A variety of number types
  • Divert your own number
  • Area code for geographic use
  • 0800 numbers available
  • We offer a free 30 day trial period
  • Extremely simple and quick to set up

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For your convenience – A4u-Anytime, Online Client Portal

Our Virtual Receptionist Service gives you access to our online Client Portal, A4u-Anytime. This is a fantastic tool which allows you to manage your account 24/7 meaning that we are always up-to-date with your latest business information. 

A4u-Anytime contains a number of key features including, unlimited script changes, a log of all historic messages, additional call statistic reporting and much more.

Take a look at questions we get asked frequently

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We will either allocate you a number to advertise, or a number to seamlessly divert your calls through to.

When your call reaches our office your personalised script will flash up on our telephonist’s screen, enabling them to answer the phone in your company name and capture the information you require as your very own Virtual Receptionist.

We can provide you with a telephone number to use as your own. You can decide which type of number will be best for you, as we have a huge selection from freephone 0800 numbers, to specific area codes.

Each time the number is called our professional telephonists acting as your very own Virtual Receptionist will be ready to answer your calls.

You have the option at any point to take ownership of the number should you wish to, meaning you can choose to divert the calls to your own office or mobile.

If you require a number before the service goes live we are more than happy to accommodate this.

Simply sign up to one of our telephone answering services and we will supply you with your number within minutes, you can then use this number on your website and business cards and flyers prior to setting the telephone answering service live.

Once you are ready for the service to start all you need to do is give us 24 working hours notice and we will get the account up and running for you.

With both mobiles and landlines, diverting calls is simple and instant. You simply type a number into your keypad.  As each landline and mobile company has a unique set of instructions you will need to speak to your individual provider for guidance.

If you then need any further assistance in diverting your calls, your Account Manager will be able to talk you through it.

We recommend diverting all calls when you’re on holiday, in a meeting or have finished work for the day. You can also set your phones to divert calls after a certain number of rings and/or when your line is busy, ensuring you never, ever miss a call.

If you advertise more than one number, simply divert all of your numbers to your unique Answer4u number. There is no limit to the amount of calls we can take simultaneously for you.

Our telephonists normally deliver messages by text and email which are sent as soon as the call terminates. We provide a professional Virtual Receptionist Service at a fraction of the cost of employing your own staff.

No, we never charge more for out of hours or bank holiday call answering. We provide a solution that ensures you are covered 24/7 365 days a year at an extremely competitive rate.

Our entry-level Virtual Receptionist Service doesn't include call filtering for sales and marketing calls. However, if you need this feature, we offer it through our Flexi Virtual Assistant Service. Please feel free to contact us if you're interested in learning more about this additional option.

All our prices exclude VAT and any invoices are payable within 14 days. To review our Terms & Conditions, click here.

Answer4u operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, meaning your callers will never go to voicemail or hear an engaged tone. Your Virtual Receptionist will always be here in our Nottingham office to answer your calls exactly when you need them.

We are based in Nottingham City Centre, in the heart of England and all of your calls will be answered here. We never outsource any calls to off shore Call Centres ensuring a high quality of service at all times.

Yes we do, we actually have a lot of experience in outbound campaigns however it does depend on the nature of the campaign, if you would like to discuss outbound campaigns then please call us on: 0800 822 3344.

Our customers stay with us because we provide a great service, not because we lock them in to lengthy contracts. Should you no longer have a need for the service, all we need is 30 days notice for the Virtual Receptionist Service.

No problem. If we have supplied you with a virtual number i.e. 0800, 0844, 0845, 087 or a geographical landline. We simply cancel the Phone Answering Service and transfer the number to our numbers platform. You can retain ownership of your number and route it to any UK landline number you wish. Unfortunately, DDI numbers cannot be retained by the client in the event of cancellation and will remain in ownership by Answer4u.

We certainly do! If you have a business associate that would benefit from our Telephone Answering Services then why not take advantage of our generous Referral Scheme. Find out more today and get in touch with us on 0800 822 3344.

It could not be simpler to sign up to the Virtual Receptionist Service. The registration process takes just 3 minutes of your time and we’ll be answering your calls within a couple of hours – So get started right away by calling us now on 0800 822 3344.

We are always here to help answer any questions you may have about our comprehensive Telephone Answering Solutions.

Call us free on 0800 822 3344 or alternatively email us with your query to and we will get back to you very shortly.

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