David Allen


"Never keep anything in your head. Your head is not designed for holding ideas. It’s designed for having ideas. If you want to maximise productivity, you have to make sure you’re not trying to use your head as your office. It's a crappy office."

Danny Dover


"The productivity hack that has made the biggest impact on my life is getting everything with due dates out of your head and into a system that I trust."

Chris Cason


"I always try to set inch-pebble goals between milestones so I can even celebrate little progress steps too."

John Trosko


"Your day can get off to a great start if you've planned out your start."

Audrey Thomas


"Write it down. If there’s any type of deadline associated with the new habit, be sure to write this next to it."

Niraj Ranjan


"Measure how much time you spend working versus how much time you spend procrastinating to take intelligent breaks. You can use a website like Rescuetime which runs in the background observing your browsing habits."

Andrea Feinberg


"I keep all the materials and tools related to my business in my office environment and I don’t let it spill over into the rest of my home."

Robby Slaughter


"Slow down and focus on managing important tasks, not just responding to every request as it comes."

Graham Allcott


"Get everything out of your head and into a second brain. Review it regularly. Say no astonishingly often."

Craig Jarrow


"Delete things from your list – you can’t do it all. Lessen your work load by deleting tasks that are lower priority or don’t need to be done. Just because you put it on your list doesn’t mean you must do it."