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Sales Calls

Annoying, irrelevant sales calls? We all hate them. Especially when they eat into precious business time.

Paperwork & Bookkeeping

40% of small business owners said bookkeeping and taxes are the worst part of owning a business.


Up to 40% of the working week is spent reading email threads which add no value to the business!

Internet Connection

Slow internet? In this day and age? Yep...

Slow Computers

Slow computers too??? What century are we in again?

Poor Communication & Complex Systems

Communication is the most important element of a successful business.

Texting / Instant Messaging

Times have moved on since Snake. Employees are more distracted than ever.

Internet Surfing / Social Media

17% of employees said they would consider leaving their job if Facebook ceased to exist!


Up to 50% of managers’ time is taken up by meetings…

Remote Communication

It can be difficult to get your point across when your colleague isn’t in front of you.


The wrong hire can be costly, while the right hire can be buried under an evergrowing stack of CVs.

Toilet Breaks

More time down the drain…

Training Staff

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Gandhi

Travelling Between Meetings

As if the time wasted inside meetings wasn’t enough…

Poor Business Planning

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Attempting In-House Marketing

Sometimes it’s better to accept the things we’re good at…and let others do the rest.


“…But I thought the meeting was next Tuesday?”

Office Chat / Cigarette Breaks

The business owners’ pet hate!

Did you know?

Out of our survey of 2000 SMEs, sales calls and other irrelevant phone calls were the #1 most irritating time waster for employees and business owners alike.

There's 36 other reasons why you'd choose to outsource your calls too!

The rise of telephone answering services has given many small business owners their time back. Our survey indicated over 78% of businesses who don’t employ an in-house receptionist or admin assistant had saved in excess of 40 minutes each day by hiring a ‘virtual’ receptionist!

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