4 Benefits To Your Business Of Using A 24 Hour Virtual Receptionist

Discover the benefits of using a 24-hour virtual receptionist for your business, from increased flexibility and never missing an out of hours call.

Many businesses of all sizes are overloaded with incoming calls. Whether they are genuine enquiries or cold calls, these businesses spend a large chunk of their valuable time on calls that lead nowhere. The best thing you can do to free up your employee’s day for more important things is to outsource your calls and experience the benefits of a virtual receptionist.

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A virtual receptionist handles all your calls so that you will never have to worry about answering that phone again. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - you will never miss a message. The receptionist employed to answer your phone will note down all incoming information that they receive on the call, and then pass that information on to you – exactly as if you had taken the call yourself.

You can employ your virtual reception service to operate as much or as little as you need. You can also turn off the service as you wish or press a button to activate incoming calls to re-direct to your own phone for times when you do want to pick up calls yourself. This is a highly flexible solution to outsourcing phone services.

Never Miss A Call Again

A virtual receptionist service is perfect for handling call spikes during seasonal uplifts or when members of staff are out of the office. If you get a lot of calls around a specific time of year, for example, and your team struggles to deal with the volume of calls, a virtual receptionist can help to lighten the load. Many businesses see spikes around popular holidays such as Christmas or New Year and having a virtual receptionist to outsource to as you require can be a real help.

Virtual receptionist services ensure you never miss a business call again

Ability To Prioritise

A virtual receptionist will take notes from calls so you can then prioritise your call backs. You’ll never have to worry about the specifics of a call that your virtual receptionist picked up – all information is entered into a system that you have 24/7 access to.

Big Savings

Virtual receptionists are far more cost-effective than a new member of staff employed specially to handle calls. Our virtual receptionists are fully trained and highly experienced, so you won’t have to put time aside to first teach whilst finding an alternative way of handling calls in the interim. A 24-hour virtual receptionist can get to work straight away with an intuitive, user-friendly call system.


If you are overloaded with calls or find yourself missing all the important ones, we recommend outsourcing to a professional virtual receptionist. Call us on 0800 822 3344 to enquire about how we can help you handle your business calls efficiently and effectively.

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