Why Your Business Should Be Available 24/7

Pressure to offer customers round-the-clock 24/7 business services can feel overwhelming. Here, we discuss a viable outsourced service-on-demand solution.

Why Your Business Should Be Available 24/7

In an era of remote working, 24/7 business, and service-on-demand, it can be a challenge for businesses to keep up. For many start-ups, smaller companies, and businesses, the pressure to offer round-the-clock services can feel overwhelming. Outsourcing your telephone services can be an excellent way to stay open all hours whilst still getting your downtime. Here’s what you could gain.

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Catering for a standard working hours evolution

Even before the effects of national lockdowns and for those with children, dealing with the associated necessity of home schooling, the days of the standard nine-to-five working were already evolving. This is particularly clear in B2C scenarios, but, with consumer behaviour continuing to drive change, is increasingly the case for B2Bs, as a growing number of white-collar workers are adapting by shifting their working hours into evenings and weekends. Whatever your industry, whatever your product, and whatever your service, you can guarantee that someone will want to inquire about it when your reception desk is closed. Having 24/7 business facilities available means enabling your company to adapt to changing habits, and never missing those vital sales.

Gathering an international audience

Gathering an International Audience

In the world of 24/7 business, the relationship between borders and time-zones has little relevance. The Internet never sleeps and is always open for business, meaning that potential sales or important queries could be heading your way at any time. International audiences are increasingly crucial to successful organisational strategy, so gathering these potential extra leads can have a significant impact on long-term success and growth. By having a receptionist who is available 24/7, you will never miss a call, even if it is from the other side of the world.

Keeping customers happy

Keeping Customers Happy

The demand for businesses to be able to offer an immediate response is part of today’s reality. For customers, 24/7 care creates a feeling of being valued. For businesses, it means never missing potential sales. 24-hour service provides the level of performance that your customers expect, keeping them happy in a 24-hour world.

Making a profit

With physical office doors closed for an average of sixteen hours out of every day – even in normal times, the benefits of being open around the clock are very appealing. However, achieving this without outsourcing makes little financial sense for the majority of smaller businesses. Trained, professional in-house secretaries are an expensive investment, especially as they are the front line with your customers and therefore need to be competent at representing the vision, ethos, and values of your organisation.

Dedicated firms such as Answer4u dramatically reduce the cost of making your company 24/7 by giving you access to premium quality secretarial services as and when you need them.

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Friendly, professional, and experienced receptionists that represent your company around the clock can increase your sales, especially when your office is closed. To learn more about the range of 24/7 business services available from Answer4u, please get in touch.

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