4 Circumstances a 24/7 Call Answering Service Is an Ideal Solution for Your Business

In what circumstances might your business benefit from a 24/7 call answering service? In this post, we highlight 4 business critical areas that make a difference.

Circumstances When a 24/7 Call Answering Service Is an Ideal Solution

Businesses that are committed to outstanding service have to be responsive to their customers’ needs – and that means answering the telephone quickly, at any time of day. Research highlights the risks of poor response times, with 90% of sales leads going cold within an hour of the first enquiry. Customers are the lifeblood of any successful business, so the failure to answer calls quickly could drain financial resources away from your brand, convey a poor image, and earn your competitors a bigger stake of the market.

At Answer4u, we offer a professional and reliable 24-hour call answering service, so that your customers can access the information and support they need, whatever the time of day. In what circumstances might your business benefit from a 24/7 telephone answering service?

1. Staff meetings/professional development days

Whether the bulk of your colleagues are tied up in a weekly staff meeting for an hour, or on an away-day developing new skills, every call that is missed could dent your profitability.

Staff meetings/professional development days

A call answering service, which you can activate the minute that your staff are unavailable to receive calls, will ensure no interruption to service, and convey a strong impression of professionalism for customers and suppliers alike.

2. Holiday cover

From time to time, all staff must take paid leave, and as this is often in chunks of a week or more, the impact of operating with reduced numbers can quickly affect your responsiveness. Our call handling service is flexible, so you can draw upon the resources you need, to ensure your business remains reactive, even when you don’t have a full complement of colleagues in the office.

Holiday Cover

3. Staff illness

Unfortunately, illness can cripple your normal operations, particularly if a seasonal illness sweeps your office. A 24-hour call answering service provides immediate cover, even when you’re not informed until the last minute that key staff are unable to attend work.

Staff Illness

4. Seasonal uplifts

Extra demand is exactly what your brand needs to grow profitably, but seasonal uplifts can pose challenges to order, fulfilment, and service delivery. If your team is overwhelmed and unable to answer calls quickly, you risk losing not only immediate custom, but also the long-term loyalty of new customers.

Call handlers can boost your capacity to process more phone enquiries quickly, while an 24 hour call answering service will allow you to extend your normal opening hours to capture the enquiries and orders that come in during the evening, weekends, or even overnight.

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