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Have You Got a Disaster Recovery Plan in Place? Why Every Business Should Have a Plan B!

In modern businesses, where success depends on efficient, uninterrupted communications, a phone line outage can cause major problems. With phones out of action, customers cannot place orders or raise enquiries, causing plummeting income and damage to your brand. Suppliers, too, face a period of silence, potentially disrupting the supply chain and affecting delivery times.

The consequences of a telephone line outage, therefore, can be more far-reaching and destructive than you may realise, even if it occurs for only a matter of hours. A serious outage could even last days, the costs of which could be unthinkable.

Why a call handling service could be central to your disaster recovery plan

A call centre disaster recovery plan is a logical and prudent ‘plan B’ that will minimise the problems caused by a telephone outage. While technical problems are always stressful, your customers may be in an even more challenging situation, unable to access their usual supplier and forced to explore alternatives.

Why a call handling service should be central to your disaster recovery plan

A disaster recovery plan that utilises a professional call handling service, such as Answer4u, ensures that an uninterrupted telephone service continues, safeguarding your business and reducing the impact on your customers.

The benefits of call centre disaster recovery solutions

While a major telephone outage will hopefully, never occur, it’s impossible to guarantee that it won’t. A call handling service keeps your business afloat while work is carried out to rectify technical problems, with the following must-have benefits:

1. Your customers are kept informed

There’s nothing worse for customers than not knowing what is going on and why their calls are being unanswered. By implementing a call handling solution, customers know what is happening and how they will be supported.

2. Your customers feel confident

By keeping them in the loop, you’ll instil confidence in your customers, who will most likely wait for the problems to be resolved, rather than ditching your brand and heading to your nearest rival.

3. No interruptions in service delivery

Whenever outages occur, it is vital to provide your customers with a seamless experience that reflects the usual high standards to which they are accustomed.

No interruption in service delivery

A call handling solution handles your calls in the same way your staff would, letting you focus on the cause of outage rather than worrying about keeping customers happy.

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For however long a phone outage affects your business, our outsourced call centre gives your suppliers and customers uninterrupted service at any time of day, 365 days a year.

We take the time to learn about your business’s practices and processes, so that our call handlers deliver outstanding service while your phone lines are waiting to be reinstated. From taking messages and managing diaries, to receiving orders and providing information, we can fulfil all your phone needs. 

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