How to Make the Most of Your Inbox

Find yourself constantly sifting through a pile of emails that land in your inbox? Learn the techniques to make the process infinitely more productive.

Emails. You come back in on a Monday morning and the first major task is sifting through the pile of emails that have landed in your inbox. Amid the meetings, calls and documents you've got piled on your desk, emails are hard to find time for, and yet, they make up a key part of your business. So, what's a busy bee to do?

Well, thankfully for you, here at Answer4u we can provide you with a full email handling service, making sure you only have to focus on those emails that really matter.

What Our Service Offers

What Our Service Offers

The service we can provide gives you full support in managing your emails. We will not only provide you with your own dedicated inbox, but also additional bespoke scripts to ensure your emails process correctly. We will also employ templates to maintain consistency and give you a full breakdown of email volume in our frank reports.

What Does This Mean For My Business?

What Does This Mean For My Business?

Having your emails managed around the clock for 365 days of the year means that important networking opportunities or client questions don't get buried in your inbox. Which is easily done, research conducted by Statista spanning from 2014 to 2017 revealed that 59.56% of emails globally were spam:

59.56% of emails globally are spam

(Source Statista 2017)

With such a huge proportion of our emails being dedicated to spam (not always caught by our spam filters) it's easy to see how important emails can be missed. With Answer-4u, you'll have a dedicated team of agents monitoring your emails, knowing your business inside out and able to prioritise those important emails that retain and encourage business connections. This also means you have no need for out of office emails and that your customers and contacts never feel as though they can't reach you. Better still, there is no limit to the amount of correspondence we can manage for you, if a customer requires a series of emails rather than one or two, we'll happily step up to the task.

What's The Catch?

What’s The Catch?

No catch here, just an excellent service that helps you make your hectic day that bit more manageable. We don't do a blanket-service, which means we tailor everything to suit you and your business. With a dedicated team you can be sure to have people who are knowledgable about your business and know your priorities.

So why not give us a go? Don't get bogged down by emails, try the Answer4u bespoke Email service and make Mondays great again.

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