3 Business New Year’s Resolutions for 2024

It's never too early to think about future goals and how they'd benefit your business. Answer4u discuss the business New Year's resolutions that could help

2024… it’s literally just around the corner!

So, are you clear about your business New Year's resolutions? What’s your game plan for achieving those aims? And do you know what might get in the way of your resolutions? As we stand on the cusp of a brand new year, now is a great time to review what’s been working for your business and the things you’d like to achieve in the months to come. Here are three ways to power up your business success in 2024…

1 . Increase Your New Year Productivity

Want to become more productive in the year ahead? You’re not alone. Running a business is exciting and challenging, but it can prove tricky to meet your customers’ demands and stay on top of all the everyday management and admin. Here’s just one shocking example: SMEs have been found to spend more 1.5 days per month chasing late payments! That’s the kind of time-draining activity which really gets in the way of business productivity. So, finding ways to address these kinds of issues could help jump start your business in the year ahead.

New Year Productivity Start by thinking about the specific issues which made your business less productive than you’d like in 2023. It’s often been said that making a list of your obstacles will ensure they’re easier to resolve. Once you’ve written them down, think about whether you can do anything yourself to make a change.

It could be worth considering if you can identify whether an outside organisation can help make your company more productive - or look at resources could help you get more done, in less time.

The new year is the perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. But it’s not only about starting new activities. It’s also about reviewing how you manage your workload and perhaps doing less but achieving more.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Could you focus on a specific niche in which people need more specialised help? Maybe you could look at dedicating your time to more high-end contracts which yield more profit. The mistake a lot of businesses still make is to work harder, not smarter. But who doesn’t want to have a better work/life balance? Achieving such a wonderful thing often relies not only on reducing what you do but also finding the right specialists to take over the aspects of business which you would happily hand over to their care.

Getting additional help (whether it is through taking on another member of staff or working with an outsourced service provider) can feel like a big risk. But the long-term benefits could see you enjoying more profit with less effort which certainly sounds like a great way to make the year 2024 something special!

2. New Year Marketing Campaign Ideas to Promote Your Business

Who doesn’t want their business to be popular? By that, we mean popular with your current and potential customers. But if you’ve not achieved what you want with familiar approaches, the new year is a good time to start with a different take.

Now might be the perfect time to get something into action which has been on the backburner for a while. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be completely new or complicated. It could be something as simple as a weekly or monthly email update with practical tips and hints for your existing customers. Receiving useful advice for free is something many people appreciate!

Another idea could be to offer your customers a discount if they introduce you to other people they think might benefit from your support. Perhaps you could find a way of improving the way you communicate with clients – or give your clients more ways to connect with you? Even though ecommerce is projected to continue to rule in business, it’s still vital to maintain great communication with your customers. It may sound cheesy but becoming and staying more popular could be a really good move for your business.

3. Making Business Connections to Boost Your Business

The trend watchers are full of talk about exciting technological advances, innovation and ideas that make it sound as if we’ll all be wearing silver suits and living on the moon by the end of 2024. That’s all very exciting but it’s vital not to overlook a more traditional but no less valuable approach in the new year – forming great business connections.

Forming Meaningful Partnerships and Collaborations

Forming Meaningful Partnerships

Being connected may sound somewhat fluffy but being partnered up with others can yield some great business results. Shaping the direction of a company can often feel like a long-distance sprint – you run alone and you have to get there as quickly as possible. The real winners in the year ahead are likely to be the companies which form meaningful partnerships with other organisations.

These collaborations could yield all kinds of benefits. Think about your contacts and how you might be able to work together to achieve more in 2024. This could be a strategy for sharing details of your products with one or more of your contact’s customers. It could mean offering a package of services together.

The key is to look for something which might benefit your customers. What’s going to make their lives easier in the year ahead? And when you do form these connections, don’t forget to tell the world about them! People usually respond very positively to well-presented partnerships.

Think of it as a celebrity engagement announcement! Not only do these connections raise awareness of all the companies involved but, if you choose your business partners wisely, the news should earn you added credibility and boost your reputation!

Here's to the Future

2024 might sound futuristic. But that doesn’t mean having to be technical or complex (or wearing a silver suit. Unless you want to, of course). Because most people don’t want super-fancy or complicated. They just want to know they can connect with the company they have chosen.

The key is to consider what’s working well for your business and do more of that. But it’s also important to look at what isn’t working. Just as it’s a good habit to declutter your home of things you don’t really need, it’s also a good idea to declutter your business of practices which perhaps aren’t working so well.

Clear out the old ways and try some new ones. When you look back at the end of next year, would you like to see your business as having moved ahead through new approaches or simply have continued with things as they are?

Making Small Incremental Steps

Making changes doesn’t have to be a huge thing. Small, incremental steps are often the most effective. Trial a new approach out. Review it. If it doesn’t work, try something else. Even if it doesn’t work, it could provide some useful insights from your business or your customers. Keep an open mind for new ways to connect with great partners dedicated to helping you succeed.

Whatever you want to achieve in 2024, here’s to a fantastic new year for everyone in business!

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