5 Reasons You Should Include an Inbound Call Handling Service in Your Next Sales & Marketing Campaign

Learn why using an inbound call handling service during a busy marketing campaign can ensure no phones go unanswered and no valuable leads are missed.

Sales and marketing campaigns can be exciting, nail-biting, and – hopefully – rewarding. However, they can also dramatically change the volume and type of calls that your organisation receives. Phones that go unanswered result in missed leads and an incomplete picture of demand. Inbound call handling services are one way of ensuring that you and your customers get the information you need. Here are five reasons why:

1. No More Cold Calls

Irritating, time-wasting, and an unnecessary waste of resources, cold calls are nevertheless an inevitable consequence of sales and marketing campaigns. However, when it comes to a product launch or an advertising drive, ignoring a call can mean missing vital leads.

Inbound call handling services can quietly manage the problem from behind the scenes. By using a tailored script, professional telephonists can politely sort the important calls from meaningless ones. This leaves companies free to focus on managing the trajectory of the campaign.

2. Become A 24-Hour Business 

Become a 24 Hour Business

One of the consequences of the pandemic events of 2020/21 is that more businesses than ever made the shift to online trading. 24/7 service has become the norm, and customer services have had to up their pace accordingly.

Yet, for many organisations, resources to manage a 24 hour telephone support function simply aren’t available, especially during a financially draining marketing campaign. This can be a real problem when a trending campaign leads to a dramatic increase in call volume, or to new audiences flocking in from overseas. With missed leads and frustrated customers, the effort of the marketing drive might not reach its full potential.

The most cost-efficient way of taking your business into the 24-hour arena is by arranging for an inbound call answering service to manage your calls. Scalable professional inbound call services will ensure that no query goes unanswered. You can tailor your services to the product or service you are launching so that everyone feels that they are getting the personal touch, no matter the time of day or night.

3. Pre-Qualify Leads, Saving Time and Increasing Sales Ratio

One thing that all sales and marketing campaigns have in common is the unpredictable nature of leads. Some callers are keen, others may be curious, while a handful are wasting time. This can add an extra layer of stress during high intensity launches, and can drain what’s left of already scant time resources. The cost to businesses can be high, leaving a productivity dent at a time when focus should be directed at strategic management.

An ideal way to make sure that time isn’t wasted on following up pointless calls is to have them professionally logged. An inbound call answering service will send the details of every query to a designated email address so that the most likely leads can be identified and prioritised. This approach gives companies more control over their sales strategy, and can help build a cohesive picture of the success of the campaign.

4. Appear Bigger Than You Really Are

Large, established companies give an impression of reliability, experience, professionalism, expertise, and financial stability. As we’ve seen recently, the idea that bigger companies are more adept than smaller operations is little more than a myth, with major casualties of both the 2008 Credit Crunch and the 2020/21 Lockdowns being serious names. However, such unconscious bias is little comfort for SMEs that are struggling to be seen despite being excellent at what they do.

It’s an unfair situation, but not an insurmountable one. Engaging inbound call answering services can offer the professional veneer that smaller organisations need to stay ahead of the game. Projecting the image of a company that invests in communication is made effortless with a team of polite, friendly, and highly trained call handling assistants. Able to give informed, tailored answers to queries, your call assistant will sound like one of your own employees.

5. Improve Customer Service

In sales and marketing, the product is only half the story. Equally important is the purchasing experience, which can be a journey that begins with the first glance at a marketing campaign and that may finish long after the product or service has been paid for.

Get it right, and organisations can unlock the goldmine of Word of Mouth (WOM) selling, unleash social media evangelists, and gain brand devotees. Get it wrong, and there’s a PR disaster just waiting to unfold.

Improve Customer Service

Thankfully, this can be easily solved with the help of inbound call answering services. When there is a real voice on the end of the phone, customers feel like they are being taken seriously. With a coherent call log to identify the most urgent queries, companies can prioritise their call backs before the issue becomes a trending topic on social media.

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The right inbound call handling services can make a real difference to the success of a marketing campaign. With dedicated and experienced telephonists, you can ensure that your business is caring for your customers 24/7. For more information about our virtual assistant, receptionist, and call handling services,

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