What Makes Our Call Centre Different?

Discover how Answer4u stands out in the call centre industry with intensive staff training spanning over eight weeks and our 'investing in people' policy.

Here at Answer4u we know that choosing a company to best reflect your own is one of the biggest choices you’ll make. This is especially true when you’re looking for an extension of your call centre staff. Unfortunately, the call centre is an industry that is often plagued by misconceptions as well a lack of investment in people.

At Answer4u, we tackle this problem head on.

Training in a call centre situation is fundamental. You need to invest a lot of time in people so that they can adapt and think on their feet. You cannot, as seems to be the case in some companies, spend a single day with a new starter and expect your work to be done.

In order to get the best from our staff and in turn give the best to our clients, we adopt an intensive training method which we’ll take you through today.

Investment of Time

Investment of Time

Our training spans across a full eight weeks to ensure our members of staff are fully prepared. This intensive training includes Telephone Answering and Call Management skills, focusing on areas such as active listening and professionalism.

Every call thereafter is scored on these points and our staff are required to ‘pass’ on each point. Even when the training period ends we make a point of continuing to support our staff so that they can progress.

We believe this is fundamental in not only making our staff feel prepared and supported, but also ensuring our clients get the most satisfaction from every call.

Comprehensive Training

Comprehensive Training

The training which our staff undertake is structured in such a way that it is not a ‘one size fits all’ situation. We have a wide variety of clients, all of whom require different scripts and a tailored service, which means our staff need to be entirely familiar with each one.

In order to keep track of everyone’s level and understanding, there are set ‘call groups’ which filter which calls each representative has the green light to take. Only when a member of staff has completed and passed all stages of specific training for a client can they begin to take calls on that client’s behalf.

We don’t believe out training should be at the expense of our customers which is why we never let our call centre staff take on anything they haven’t shown complete competence with.

Because our service is all about tailoring to become an extension of other businesses, seamlessly blending in with your own staff, it’s imperative we invest the time and effort to make this possible.

Is It So Important?

Is It So Important?

The level of satisfaction at the initial stages of the customer journey set the tone for the rest of the relationship and can end it before it’s even begun if not handled correctly.

A recent survey reported that 86% of customers have abandoned a business entirely because of one bad experience. What’s more, they discovered that 9/10 people would pay more money if it meant they received a better quality of customer service.

These are statistics that have been reported time and again by all manner of marketing companies and business research groups. Numbers which are highly significant and mean that the investment in time and training of your staff is directly correlated to how well your business thrives.

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