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"Having an engaging and proactive presence on social media allows recruiters to build an audience of both active AND passive candidates. Investing your time here will boost candidate attraction, referrals and acceptance rates – just don’t underestimate the time required to do this well."

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"Show what it´s like to work for your company. Even if not recruiting, build your pipeline by allowing people to express interest."

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"Generosity builds your brand: Give out quality content and provide engagement."

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"For employees to participate in the referral culture, they need to be kept in the loop and treated as recruiters."

How to recruit using alternative recruitment strategies

Have you posted to free job sites?

Have you considered recruiting on forums?

Have you considered attending jobs fairs?

Have you considered joining online networking events?

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"Don´t be afraid to experiment and be creative. It´s a great way to stand out in this competitive marketplace."



"The more comprehensive your recruitment marketing program, the more top talent you´ll attract."

Kylie Anderson


"When a new position becomes available in your company, it should be seen as an opportunity to evaluate your brand and direction, and make hiring a decision based on the path you want your business to take as it grows."

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"If you don't have the budget for ad-free versions of Craigslist, TA tools or landing pages, use social media to recruit."

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"Carefully planning your recruiting and hiring efforts in Q3 can save you a tremendous amount of time and money when the busy holiday season rolls around. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are great places to start."

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"Smart Redditors will accurately fact-check whatever you say. So, don´t lie to them and avoid shameless advertising as well."

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Employee Referrals: Employee referrals can be one of the best ways to recruit when your budget is tight. Offering current staff incentives to recommend people from within their network, either personal or professional, can be a great way to keep morale high within the business. As well as keeping your costs down, referral schemes can be beneficial as your new hire may already have met people within the company, making the transition a smooth one.

A good job description: If you have a job vacancy that you can´t seem to fill, it could be that you need to adjust the job description to make sure it appeals to the top talent; a dull, long job specification could be putting candidates off. Employing some marketing techniques to give the job description a bit of sparkle is a low-cost recruitment technique which can help to ensure you get the right calibre of applicants.

"Recycle": A great, cost-effective way to recruit for new staff is to have a look at previous applicants. Are there any candidates who made it to a final interview but then narrowly missed out on a job offer? If so, think about whether they could be somebody to bring on board. Similarly, if you have made job offers in the past that have later been rejected, it could be worth getting back in touch with these candidates. Find out what put them off originally and see if there is a way to remedy this, or alternatively, try a different angle and see if you can sell the role to them that way!